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Cylinder Walnut Blasting

Modern engines are usually "direct injection", as this process allows for advantages in fuel consumption compared to conventional fuel injection. However, the disadvantage is that the fuel does not clean the intake valves. The intake valves are only in contact with air or blowby gases from the crankcase breathing circuit, in which substantial fuel and oil can be found. Over time, these lead to deposits of carbonised fuel and oil in the intake tract and the intake valves, also called carbonising. This is not immediately bad for the engine, but over time, it can harm its efficiency. If the valves are heavily carbonised, they may not close properly anymore, and symptoms such as a bumpy idle, vibrations and diminished throttle response can be observed; it may also contribute to increased oil consumption.

Cylinder Walnut Blasting Prices from £255 +VAT

At A1, we can clean these intake valves by blasting fine walnut shells into your inlet. So, if your car is more than three years old, you will notice that the throttle response of the car is noticeably better (without hesitation), and the idle will be as smooth as it was when the car was brand new. There should also be a slight difference in engine power. Many of our customers can recommend this without reservation for any vehicle with a mileage of more than 30,000 miles.

Carbon Cleaning / Inlet Cleaning at A1 German Car & Bike Specialists

Our blasting tool uses pressurised air (usually 6-8 bar) to inject fine walnut shell granules into the intake tract. These granules hit the carbon dust at high speed and thus remove it entirely, while at the same time, this material is soft enough not to damage the metal of the intake tract and the valves. That is also why no other material should be used for cleaning. If you would like to enquire about valve cleaning and would like to see the improvements it could make to your vehicle's performance and fuel economy - then call the A1 team. They are on hand to answer any questions you might have.