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Motorhome + Campervan Servicing

A1 Independent German Car Specialists, a trusted name in automotive services, also offers comprehensive repair and servicing (Habitation Servicing and Mechanical Servicing) for Motorhomes and Campervans. Our commitment to delivering top-quality services extends to these recreational vehicles, ensuring the safety and reliability of your adventures on the road.

At A1 Independent German Car Specialists, we take pride in providing expert service by highly qualified technicians. Our dedicated team of technicians possesses City and Guilds, CITO, and Gas Safe qualifications, guaranteeing the highest professionalism and safety standards in all our operations.

Our newly introduced services encompass two crucial aspects of Motorhome and Caravan maintenance:

Annual Motorhome Habitation Servicing:

It is advisable to schedule an annual habitation service for the "living area" of your motorhome, aligning with most manufacturers' recommendations. Our service includes a comprehensive inspection based on the NCC habitation check sheet, encompassing checks on the gas, water, electrical, and other motorhome functions. Additionally, as part of this habitation check, we offer the option to perform a thorough dampness assessment using our state-of-the-art equipment. With this choice, we will provide precise moisture readings on an NCC-approved damp check report. This can be particularly valuable, as detecting water ingress early can often lead to easier and more cost-effective repairs, saving you both time and money. Pricing for Habitation Services starts from £220 +VAT and amongst other items, we check:

Inspection 1


We use specialist equipment to check for damp ingress and identify any issues so they can be addressed before they become significant problems.
Inspection 2


We check all corner steadies and folding steps for operation and stability, along with checking the condition and security of all underslung tanks and pipes.
Oil Service

Electrical Systems

We check all electrical systems for issues, including charging circuit operation, battery condition, lighting and sockets, fuses/circuit breakers and RCDs
Hourly Rate

Gas Systems

We check for dangerous and potentially lethal gas issues and problems, including hose age and condition, leakages, ventilation and appliance testing.
ISTA Diagnostic

Water Systems

We check your vehicle's fresh water system to ensure it is bacteria- and leak-free, and that the tank, filter, pump, pressure switch, taps, shower and toilet are working correctly.
Scope Check


We thoroughly check your vehicle's windows, roof lights and vents to ensure they are free from blockages or obstructions and allow free flow of fresh air.
Alignment / Tracking

Fire and Safety

We carry out a full and thorough test of all fire and safety measures, including smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
Air Con Regas


We check body panels, locks and hinges, body attachments, roofs, windows, seals and furniture for condition, operation and security.

Mechanical Servicing:

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your motorhome's chassis and engine components. It is imperative to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended intervals for this maintenance as a minimum requirement. We highly recommend scheduling this service annually, ideally in conjunction with the habitation check.

As part of our commitment to your motorhome's well-being, a complimentary mechanical health check is included when you opt for an oil and filter change.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive caravan servicing, encompassing a habitation check and supplementary inspections of vital components like tires, braking systems, suspension, towing electrics, and the condition of the tow hitch.

Furthermore, we take pride in offering our services for a wide range of motorhomes and RV makes, including but not limited to Mercedes (Sprinter, Vito), VW (Transporter, Crafter), Hymer, Rapido, Bürstner, Carado, Carthago, Dethleffs, Frankia, Malibu, Morelo, Niesmann+Bischoff, Sunlight.

A1 Independent German Car Specialists is excited to bring our expertise and commitment to excellence to the world of motorhomes, RVs, and campervans. Our director also has a motorhome, so you can be sure that we are dedicated to ensuring your cherished recreational vehicles' safety, comfort, and reliability. Contact us to discuss all your motorhome needs.