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Chassis Treatments

Rust Prevention / Chassis Treatments

At A1 German Car Specialists, we offer under chassis rust-proofing for a wide range of vehicles. We do require the vehicle for several days as we do need to allow for drying times between coats.

Our Chassis treatments are comprehensive and will protect your chassis for years to come, the company we purchase our coatings from has been in business for several years and has been tested in the deep sea.

Firstly we take your vehicle and give it a steam clean to the underside. Then we allow this to dry and mask up the vehicle to protect from any overspray.

Next, we fill the chassis with an inhibitor wax, which protects the inside of the chassis from corrosion and cover the chassis with multiple coats carefully by hand. The price for the main chassis treatment can vary - we can do additional areas such as inside the bulkhead or axles for an additional cost too. Each job is different, so please contact us and we can arrange a date for you to bring your car in for a check-over.

BMW 12 Year Anti-Rust Protection Warranty

Did you know most BMW vehicles are covered by the standard BMW anti-corrosion 12 year warranty for rust perforation? But BMW will not accept liability if deemed due to neglect or an unrepaired or poorly repaired paint. Here at A1 we advise that you regularly inspect your BMW for any paint defects usually caused by stone chippings. These defects can quickly lead to rust appearing if not repaired quickly, to prevent the chemical reaction of water and air reacting on the surface leading to corrosion. When inspecting your car for any paint defects pay extra attention around the front wings, door sills, bonnet grille area, boot lid and wheel arches.