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BMW 6 Series Servicing

All prices below include parts, labour and lubricant. Prices are +VAT. If you can't find your BMW or MINI model - please call for a quotation.

Type Model Oil Service Inspection 1 Inspection 2
635I 635I £87.00 £177.00 £273.00
635 CSI 635 CSI £92.00 £187.00 £277.95

CBS (Condition Based Servicing)

All prices below include parts, labour and lubricant. Prices are +VAT. If you can't find your BMW or MINI model - please call for a quotation.

Type Model Oil & Filter Vehicle Check Microfilter Spark Plugs Air Filter Coolant Brake Fluid Fuel Filter Service Tracking MOT A/C Re-Gas Engine / Software Update
E63/E64 630i £123.00 From £65.00 £50.00 £82.00 From £42.00 From £65.00 From £59.00 N/A From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £125.00
E63/E63 LCI E64 645i & 650i £143.00 From £65.00 £50.00 £135.00 From £45.00 From £65.00 From £59.00 N/A From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £125.00
E63 635D £137.00 From £65.00 £50.00 N/A From £62.00 From £65.00 From £59.00 £69.00 From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £125.00
E63/E64 M6 £189.00 From £65.00 £75.00 £285.00 £95.00 From £65.00 From £75.00 N/A From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £125.00
F12/F13 640i/650i £159.00 From £65.00 From £75.00 £CALL £78.00 From £65.00 From £65.00 N/A From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £195.00
F12 F13 640D £159.00 From £65.00 From £75.00 N/A From £62.00 From £65.00 From £65.00 £72.00 From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £195.00
F12 M6 M6 £195.00 From £65.00 From £75.00 £259.00 £95.00 From £65.00 From £75.00 N/A From £59.00 £45.00 From £85.00 £195.00

Once work has been completed, your vehicle will be subjected to further quality control checks and road-tests (if required) to ensure all points have been satisfied to the manufacturers recommendations. Dashboard lights are reset and your service book will be stamped.

How we compare to a BMW Main Dealer

Part of the enjoyment of owning a BMW is the exceptional performance, design and technology built right into these vehicles. BMW's commitment to automotive excellence throughout safety, quality and environmental care - has made this vehicle the beautiful and powerful car that you love. Our experts are able to provide free health checks using both our in-depth knowledge of BMW systems and state-of-the-art genuine BMW diagnostic equipment to safeguard the performance of your vehicle...

Here at A1 BN we are committed to bring you the highest quality without a compromise with every Oil service, inspection one or two we carry out full diagnostic using BMW main dealer ISTA diagnostics we also carry out full vehicle check as standard for your peace of mine change oil and filter using the best grade oil we also clear all the engine and gear box adaptation if the car is auto reset service light stamp book or register your online service using the main dealer platform we can check for updates recalls and previous warranty work getting your BMW serviced by an independent BMW service centre can offer far greater benefits than a BMW Dealer.

Cheaper than Main Dealer

Service/Part BMW Main Dealer Our Prices
Hourly Rate £135.00 +VAT £65 +VAT
Castrol Oil (Example: 0w30) £16.53 +VAT £12 +VAT
BMW ISTA Diagnostic £95.00 +VAT £65 +VAT
BMW Scope Check £25 +VAT Free
Vehicle Alignment/Tracking £135.00 +VAT £55 +VAT
Air Conditioning £105.00 +VAT from £85 +VAT
Winter and Summer Check £25.00 +VAT Free
Courtesy Cars £15.00 +VAT £10 +VAT
Brake Fluid Service £99.00 +VAT From £59 +VAT
Vehicle Check £82.00 +VAT From £65 +VAT
Oil Service (Example: E61 M5) From £256.00 +VAT From £167.00 +VAT
BMW Coolant Change £85.00 +VAT From £65 +VAT
BMW Tuning Upgrades £700.00 +VAT £250 +VAT

About Our Servicing

When your vehicle is in the care of our service department we will:
  • Fit only quality parts and materials (genuine Main Dealer if still under warranty)
  • Provide a fixed price quotation before carrying out any additional work.
  • All filters and parts fitted by A1BN are O.E. parts which are manufacturer endorsed and will not invalidate your warranty.
  • Allow only skilled technicians to conduct work on your vehicle.
  • We only use quality and high-grade BMW approved Oil. Our oil prices reflect this, please take this into consideration when comparing our oil change prices to other workshops.
  • Look after your vehicle carefully at all times where possible protective seat covers, floor mats and coverings will be used.
  • Keep for your inspection, if required any of the used parts replaced by us before we dispose of them.

6 Series Servicing Pricing

All our servicing prices for the 6 Series are transparent and listed in the table above, however if you would like some additional work, or if or would like to enquire about some of our other services, please call us for a quote or to book an appointment.

6 Series Improved Economy Engine Remaps / ECU Tuning

6 Series  Engine RemapsThe BMW Series combine intelligent BMW 'EfficientDynamics' technologies with BMW 'ConnectedDrive' innovations for great performance and efficiency. However the 6 Series engine maps which are installed at the factory are reined-back because BMW must cater for a spectrum of markets and locations. These include high-altitude countries where oxygen levels are lower and countries with poor fuel grades. Here in the UK and across western Europe the fuel quality and standard is much higher than the African, Asian and American markets. Catering specifcially for UK and Europe our engine maps unlease the true potential of your vehicle.

When we remap a 6 Series, especially when fuel saving is the priority we focus on improving the low end torque in particular and widening the power-band as far as we can. This increase in low end torque will mean less throttle pedal input is required to maintain cruising speeds, when fully laden or when on a gradient. It will also mean that the vehicle will be more comfortable in higher gears at slower speeds as well requiring fewer gear changes overall. If you combine these factors with adjusting your driving style to make the most of the extra low end torque you will see an improvement in fuel consumption. This is most effective on turbo-diesel engines where the savings could be as much as 20%. To learn more about what our ECU Remaps could do your vehicle please click here.

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