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Economy Tuning

Reduce your emissions and your fuel bill!

Save fuel and money with our Economy tuning services and products, available for most production cars, 4x4's and vans... Learn more...

Save up to 15% on your fuel bill!

Switch between Eco and Performance modes with V-Switch

The Viezu V-Switch is a portable, stand alone customer based programmer tool that is designed to give you ultimate flexibility in what you want from your vehicle. Uniquely, it can also store in its memory three different files dedicated to the same car – one original file and two tuned files... Learn more...

Save money on fuel

Economy Tuning

Save Fuel, Save Money, Reduce CO2!

The A1 Performance Remapping team offer some fantastic fuel saving Remaps which not only help to reduce your carbon footprint but can also save you money. Our Economy tuning services and products are available for most production cars, 4x4's and vans.

Engine tuning economy gains

What economy gains can be achieved?

Savings of 10-15% can be expected with an economy tune. This will vary depending on individual driving style. We have had reports of economy improvements of around 20% but these are not as common. Improved throttle response and a smoother power delivery are also noticeable with an economy tune.

What does it cost?

Our charges are very competitive, especially taking into account the quality of the products we offer. Please enquire below.

Company vehicle and fleet vehicle gains

Company / Fleet Economy Tunes

Our Economy Tuning service is very popular with mini-cab firms, companies and fleets. If you have more than one vehicle you would like to have speed-limited or optimised for economy, please contact us as we are able to offer significant discounts on multi-vehicle remaps. Please enquire below.

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